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Published on: May 22 2016 by Admin

About our company

Through more than twenty years of development and expansion, we continue to produce heaters with advanced machineries, reliable material, and skillful technicians

We manufacture a wide selection of heaters. You can choose from cartridge heaters, tubular heaters (will meet your specific shape and structure).

Mission Statement

Vinayaka’s mission is to be one of the most successful companies in India at supplying industrial electric heaters, systems and controls to the process industries. In doing so, Vinayaka Heaters will meet customer expectations of:

  • Highest quality
  • Exceptional engineering
  • Best-in-class service and support
  • Flexible customization capability
  • Competitive pricing
  • Financial stability

Quality Statement

In our company brochures, catalogs, website, and advertisements, we state that Vinayaka Heaters, Systems, and Controls provides: quality products, fast delivery, application assistance, and service. It is not by accident that we list these items in this order, with quality being first. Our objective is to provide products and services at quality levels that meet or exceed the requirements of our customers.

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