Manifold Heater

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Manifold Heaters is supplied in Chrome Nickel Steel with nominal sheath diameter of 6.80mm, 8.00mm and 10.70mm. Standard elements have a threaded terminal post which gives a cold section of approx 40mm minimum.

The square section tubular heater allows excellent heat exchange between the surfaces of heater and manifold. These heaters are installed by careful hammering on the heaters along with square section grove over the manifold and pressed to hold the heaters in position and to get good surface contact, which results in good thermal exchange and increases the heater life and reduces energy loss.


  • Wattage +5% – 10%
  • Resistance +10% – 5%
  • Die electric strength 1500V
  • Insulation > 5M W
  • Length + 1%
  • Cross Section +0.15mm
  • Maximum temperature on Heater Surface 700°C
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