Nozzle band Heaters

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The aim is to make available from ready stock so that customers get the supply without loss of time and these can be made available at fairly low prices. Many sizes can be made available on request.These heaters have been thoroughly tested, and have proven to give a good performance.

Band and nozzle heaters is an unique heating systems which is high performance mineral insulated band heater.nozzle heaters are best for any type of plastics processing equipment.It has a very robust design and can perform efficiently


  • Efficient heat transfer due to Brass Collet
  • Negligible effect of material spillage
  • Accurate Temperature Control
  • Higher operating temperature (400 °C max) compared to conventional Mica Band Heaters (250 °C max)
  • Quick ramp up of temperature due to higher watt density


  • Hot runner bushings.
  • Nozzles of plastic processing machineries.
  • high quality heating wire,high temperature resistance mica,cool fast,withsyand voltage
  • good insulation performance
  • Easy set up and fastness
  • Long working life,reduce change count and shutdown time


  • Offers Longer Life
  • Cost less to operate.
  • Will not short out from fouling
  • Easier to install.
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